Sunday, 18 March 2012

NHS bill

I don't support the NHS bill, saying that in the first sentence, but there is much that this wrong in the NHS, too much time is spent in dealing with contracts with other organisations, bills being sent out that are incorrect, as with many large organisations too much tolerance of poor performance, and inefficient procedures.

Put in lots of targets as the last government did, doesn't help either. Too much time is then spent either lying, or finding ways to get round these targets. 

To push up quality and reduce costs, competition was introduced. Now we have lots of inefficient large organisations trying to run health services. What do you do if there is no competition ? If you are Labour you introduce it artificially, by over paying and guaranteeing payments, £250 million worth for not treating patients. 

What is the answer ? How about letting local people decide, introducing really local decision making with tax raising powers, so if that area wants the private sector then they can introduce it, if a community wants to spend more then it is possible. Health is a basic necessity, required by all, and often the health service is a major employer in that area, often a centre of that community. That means it needs to be locally controlled. 

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