Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cycling statement to council July 2011

I appreciate that a number of members of the council may not feel that cycling is an important subject. Why do I feel that this is wrong ? It is about Exercise, about global warming , enjoying the countryside, it isn't just about lycra

The council has been Doing things well; two tunnels, 5 Arches, Bristol Bath cycle way

However there aspects of Safety - such as non compliance with advanced stop at junctions, parking in the cycle lanes. Asking the police about prosecutions, shows this isn't a high priority. There were none in Avon and Somerset. 

There needs to be a change of attitude, amongst all of the public bodies. 

Speaking with officers directly involved they are committed, but is the corporate council ? We need to deliver, there are small things we do quickly.  Grit bins on the cycle path, linking the Bristol/Bath cycle path to the two tunnels and to the tow path to Bradford upon Avon, cutting back vegetation that narrows the paths. 

There many routes in North East Somerset, need to link the two tunnels to Radstock, links down the A4 to Keynsham, works at Farringdon Gurney.

There are longer term issues, What do we need to do to encourage cycling is to create separate space, safety and worries about car drivers being a major obstacle to cyclists. 

It is difficult to mention cycling without mentioning Pedestrians, there are inconsiderate cyclists, but they are the minority. Proving safe spaces for cyclists means less excuses for those that don't look out for pedestrians.

When we as a council deliver then we can say that Bath and North East Somerset is a better place to live.

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