Sunday, 24 July 2011

Promoting Cycling little things matter.

I had posted earlier the question and answer I put to the cabinet about grit bins, and frankly I am really disappointed. There is nothing done for cyclists in the winter, the result of this course of action is cyclists will be forced to use roads that are narrowed due to ice or snow, making it more dangerous for them and more inconvenient for motorists. Of course the other alternative is that use their cars !

The answer about path wardens is irrelevant there are few houses near the path for anyone to be a warden.

Why worry about this ? The Bristol Bath cycle path is the super highway into Bath. Cycling in the winter along the path there are difficult patches, the worst being the run down to the gate. If we are ever going to see a modal shift then encouraging alternative routes, especially those that are car free, matter. There is an over reliance on the car, its contribution to of car travel to global warming is problematic.

We need a few carrots to help the change, what would have been the cost of the grit bin, plus grit ? less than £1000 ? sometimes it is not about the big things, a lot of little things add up.

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