Sunday, 17 July 2011

Is it just footfall that drive economic activity

Having heard a usual speech by the business community that the only thing important is getting more people into Bath, doesn't matter how they they stay or alternative have they anything to do here when they arrive, just get lots of people in. It is interesting to look at what drive economic activity ?

There are interesting questions ?

Is Bath different to other cities, are there more independent shops ?
Can you find them as a tourist ? For that matter can you find them as a resident ?
What is the footfall in Bath now and what was it in the past ?
What is the rate of return for tourists ?

Interesting looking at, the council owned web site, cycling is one option.

Bath Adventure Tours provides tailor made activity days with a difference. The activities you choose are entirely up to you, whether you want an action packed climbing trip or an afternoon canoeing our team will go that extra mil

Not sure I can take my bike on either of these !

Walking doesn't mention the Cotswold way

Might be interesting to come back to this topic later, meanwhile going to try and get some of these questions answered.

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