Sunday, 24 July 2011

Grit for cycling

Last winter the cycle path Between Bath and Bristol was impassable due to the ice at the end of the path into Bath. The cycle path is a well used commuter link into Bath. Major transport routes into Bath are gritted, this route has nothing. The steepness of the path means it becomes impassable.

Would the executive member arrange for a grit bin to be installed before the winter at the entrance to the path?

Answer from: Councillor Roger Symonds
The Bristol - Bath Railway Path is recognised as a valuable route for commuters and leisure users. Under the current arrangements grit bins are only provided on the public highway. The Bristol Bath Railway path is not an adopted highway and also fails to meet the gradient criteria to qualify for a grit bin.
During the coming winter Path Wardens will be provided with a small quantity of salt in a bagged form. This will enable the path to be salted during severe weather. Criteria for grit bins is included in the Winter Maintenance Plan previously considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Panel for Safer and Stronger Communities. This Plan will be the subject to further consideration and a decision by the Cabinet before the onset of winter.

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