Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday ramblings

Had a good cycle ride Saturday, got well into South Gloucs, hope to go over the bridge to Chepstow shortly. Problem was I got lost several times, and to get between A and B had to use A and B roads. However, what a difference between S. Gloucs and Bath and North East Somerset, there was often stretches of cycle lane along the main road segregated off by white lines, so even though traffic was thundering past I felt relatively safe. It got me thinking where in Bath and North East Somerset does this sort of segregation exist ? Along the A4 you can cycle along the pavement between Saltford and Keynsham, but after that I am stuck, maybe anyone else has a view.

It can be quite boring going on about cycling, but I believe that we have a big issue with peak oil coming up, and the level of obesity that exists. Working in a hospital laboratory, we don't need any more tests, especially for self inflicted diseases such as diabetes. There is a link, and yes I was wearing a helmet !

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